The County Road 32 project is one piece of the larger Fargo-Moorhead Area Diversion Project. The main goal of that project is to construct a diversion channel, approximately 30-miles in length, around the western side of Fargo for flood protection. The proposed channel travels directly through the intersection of 168th Street and County Road 32, so this intersection needed to be reconfigured to tie in further to the west, along with the creation of a new bridge.


Our Contributions:

  • Topsoil Striping: 35,000 Cubic Yards
  • Sand Drain Installation: 4,200 Tons
  • Embankment Construction: 62,000 Cubic Yards
  • Class 5 Aggregate Placement: 5,000 Tons


Our work on County Road 32 plays a vital role in fortifying the Fargo region against potential flooding. We are proud to be contributing to safeguarding communities and infrastructure in this area.