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Over a century of Earthwork experience

Earthwork takes on its most visible form in heavy earth moving. When the job requires dirt moving—whether 50 cubic yards or five million cubic yards—Park Construction can complete it quickly and smoothly.

At Park Construction, our business was founded on earthwork more than a century ago. Throughout the years, we’ve performed grading and other civil site preparation services for hundreds of clients throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, the central United States and the Gulf Coast.

With a deep understanding of the unique rules and regulations placed on the industry, our experienced technical team will ensure your grading project is completed to your exact specifications. Our safety and quality standards are the highest in the industry, so you can feel confident that we will complete your project safely, on schedule and within your budget.

Earthwork Projects

  • Highway 23 Improvements, McKenzie County, ND
  • Basin Electric Power Cooperative
  • Levees