Zero Accidents, Zero Injuries

Park Construction’s commitment to safety is built into the company’s processes, and is practiced and reinforced throughout the organization. We actively prioritize safety on a system-wide, day-to-day basis. This comes from careful planning, constant training, and a dedication stemming from strong leadership—enforced through the organization and with subcontractors.

Leadership Managers at all levels—from the President to the leader of each project—are charged with communicating and enforcing Park Construction’s commitment to preventing behaviors that put employees or site partners at risk.

Managers are also required to provide employees with tools and information to actively protect their self-safety.

Training Managers are required to prepare employees with tools and information to actively address their safety on the job. Park Construction is committed to continuous safety training that ensures employees uphold safe work practices. Year after year, Park Construction continuously beats industry standards.

Here’s more about our safety processes:

Stop-Work Rule: Park Construction employees are empowered—and obligated—to immediately stop any action that puts themselves or team members at risk.

Planning: At each step of the operation, we incorporate forecasts of risks and contingencies into the planning process.

Subcontractor Partnerships: Park Construction pre-qualifies all subcontractors for safety practices before contracting. Park Construction works to contract with subcontractors with solid reputations and practices for safety, and provides support to all subcontractors to ensure their practices protect their employees as well as Park’s.

Measurement Reports: Reports from each work site provide Park Construction’s senior management team with the information needed to focus company resources on critical areas.

Park Construction Company has designated Jeff Slusser as the Safety Director. All questions with respect to this policy or company safety rules should be directed to the Safety Director.