This large development site in Maple Grove includes 227 new single-family homes and 154 new townhomes spread over 180 acres. Park was responsible for construction of the residential streets and the installation of all city utilities, including sanitary, water, and storm sewer.


Despite numerous challenges, such as a late spring award time, utility conflicts, supply chain issues, and equipment availability, our crews were able to finish the project completely within the scheduled time frame. At the peak of summer construction season, five utility crews worked onsite, while the dirt crew followed closely behind to build the streets and keep the project on schedule. The earthwork on the project consisted of 28,000 cubic yards of excavation, 32,000 cubic yards of sand and class 5, and 4,500 tons of asphalt paving.


Our utility crews installed 11,750 linear feet of 8” to 24” sanitary sewer, 10,500 linear feet of 6” to 30” watermain, 8,000 linear feet of 15” to 30” storm sewer, and a large 16’x9’ concrete box culvert. All this work was completed in only five months. The deep sanitary sewer crew used a Cat 395 and Cat 374 working together in tandem to safely install 3,500 linear feet of 20” and 24” sanitary at depths of 25’ to 40’ feet deep.


Safety is always a top priority here at Park, and even with the heavy push to meet completion dates, all of the crews completed the work safely and on time. The Evanswood Project was a CHASE Level 3 Project, where we partnered with MN OSHA and AGC of MN for safety mentorship, best practices, and quality. This project is a great example of our capabilities and ability to handle complex projects at the high quality and safety levels expected in our industry.