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  • Levees

  • Basin Electric Power Cooperative

    Pioneer Generation Station, Williston, ND Scope of Work: Topsoil stripping, stockpiling, and respread Common excavation and embankment Storm sewer piping, catch basins, and outlet structures Storm water pond construction with riprap out flow protection Access road preparation Tensar geogrid fabric installation Install Class 5 access roads Finish Grading


    RAILWAY GRADE CONSTRUCTION, THORNTON TO KARA, WY Scope of Work: Railway grading Common excavation / site development / backfill Metal and concrete pipe Aggregate base

  • Highway 23 Improvements, McKenzie County, ND

    North Dakota Department of Transportation Excavation and embankment Aggregate pavement Bituminous pavement Box culvert extensions Concrete Roundabout Pipe, concrete and metal Cement stabilized base