Jennifer Clemens - Trucking Foreman

Jennifer Clemens – Trucking Foreman

Background and Experience:

I grew up in the construction industry, as a child along with my siblings, we would ride along with various family members during summer months because daycare wasn’t an option. My most favorite memories were riding along with my aunt hauling water to various job sites and one Demolition job that was a grocery store that had burnt down. My entire family is involved in the trucking and construction industry so it was always going to be a familiar career.

I am a Certified Healthcare Technician, which reflects my knowledge and skills in the healthcare field. I also hold a BA in Business Administration and Healthcare Management, which has given me a solid foundation in both business and healthcare principles. In addition, I am an alumnus of Minnesota Collegiate Deca and have served on the organization’s Board of Directors in Business and Industry. Finally, I am certified in US DOT Motor Carrier Compliance, which reflects my expertise in this area of transportation regulation.


What do you want people to know about Park?

I want people to know that the leadership team really listens. The leadership team takes action to resolve issues and make improvements and doesn’t just provide lip service. My vision is to continue on this great team and build lasting relationships and good memories.



I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren as often as I can. I love reading and learning and long distance road trips. Many other hobbies have come and gone from my life and one I am excited to get back to is raising bulls.


Education and Affiliations:

  • Certified Healthcare Technician
  • BA Business Administration and Healthcare Management
  • Minnesota Collegiate Deca Alumni and Board of Directors in Business and Industry
  • Certified in US DOT Motor Carrier Compliance
  • Woman of Asphalt
  • MN Collegiate DECA


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