Jeffrey R. Carlson | President & CEO

Jeffrey R. Carlson | President & CEO

Background and Experience:

I started in this industry from the ground up. First I worked sweeping floors in the shop, then I went into the field and labored with the work crews. From there I started operated equipment and supervising crews. I got my BA in Construction Management, and I worked at multiple positions in the Park office until I became President. My focus is to engage and promote a culture of Safety, Quality, Integrity and Teamwork.


What are you proud of, and what is your vision for the future?

I am proud of our 100 year family owned legacy. My vision for Park’s future is sustained growth for another 100 years



Hunting, fishing, Hiking, biking, snowmobiling, boating, traveling.


Industry Affiliations: 

  • AGC MN
  • MAPA
  • Tran Mental Health
  • Suicide Prevention Taskforce



  • BA in Construction Management


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