Safety Management System

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Safety and Health Awards and Certifications

  • Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE) – MN OSHA and AGC
  • Occupational Safety Merit – North Dakota Safety Council
  • Safety Achievement Award – North Dakota Safety Council
  • Safety Driven Award of Excellence – MN LECET
  • Excellence in Partnership – Army Corps of Engineers
  • Certificate of Commendation – North Dakota Safety Council

Safety Management System

Strong ZERO Incident Culture

The development of a robust safety and health program, processes, and training are critical to the success of our company. We also understand a strong safety culture can only be achieved when personnel are engaged, working together and taking ownership in the safety of themselves and those around them.

All levels of the organization play an important role in the execution of safe work. From the President of Park Construction to a new employee on their first day, everyone has the authority and moral obligation to stop work if it is unsafe.

Our continuous improvement cycle drives us to where being good is not good enough. Our safety and health framework integrates operations with accountabilities and processes to identify gaps and take long term corrective measures. This consistent approach has many benefits which impact the entire organization including competitive advantage, increased field efficiencies, employee retention and satisfaction, and allows for stronger controlled growth.

STAR Employee Program

Park Construction’s Safety, Training, Acts, and Recognition (STAR) program is designed to increase the safety engagement from the field and make to make it easier to have safety conversations. Every employee is encouraged, and rewarded for have safety interactions with their coworkers, whether it be a Near Miss, a safe or at-risk behavior, or even an idea that can help propel safety forward. Our employees are our greatest asset and our STAR Program provides that channel of communication so continuous improvements can be attained with input from every employee, no matter their location.